Thursday, January 27, 2011

Catfish Paper
If I had the chance to watch the movie Catfish again, I would. The documentary is about the relationship between a young artist named Abby and a photographer named Nev. The whole thing is being filmed by Nev’s brother Rel and Henry. The film takes place in New York and Michigan and was mostly filmed in their home and studio. Nev, Rel, and Henry are the main characters.
Nev is a young photographer that takes pictures of dancers and had one of his pictures featured in a newspaper. This is how Abby found him. She painted that photo and sent it to him and that’s how they started their relationship. Abby lives in Michigan with her mom, dad, brother, and sister. Over the course of the 9 months Nev is sending photos to Abby, he and Megan begin a relationship and they both begin to have feelings for each other. Megan is 20 years old and lives on a horse ranch by herself. The mom Angela seems just like a normal middle aged woman with good looks.
After seeing this movie I can’t believe that the events actually took place. The story has such a twist that you think that it can’t be a true story. Everything about this movie being real is what makes this movie so great.
I would definitely recommend this movie to kids or adults. This movie teaches an important lesson about who you can trust on the internet and how you can be deceived.      

Friday, January 21, 2011

Catfish Final

This movie was very interesting. It just goes to show you how you can be decieved on the internet. I feel bad for nev cause i think he really wanted a relationship with megan. If i was nev i would have told vince and exposed her because what she did was very wrong.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catfish Cont.

Nev just visited the familys house. Right away I knew that something was going on when the mom dosent look anything like she did in the pictures. I cant wiat till all the truth comes out cause it isnt fully explained yet.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This movie shows how easily you can be decieved on the internet. I think the family is fake and is just made up by some random old guy for fun. I think its wierd how he and megan talked and they never even met before.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blogging opinions

I do not think that people should be fired from blogging. Posting thoughts and ideas on a personal blog should not be able to get you fired because it goes against the freedom of speech. People should be able to say anything they want because it is their own opinion. However the people who make lies and post them on blogs should be able to get fired. I think the Julia/Julie movie could have ended differently. A better ending would be Julia liking the blog and wanting to meet with Julie.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Social Media Revolution

This video had many interesting and surprising facts. It said many facts about how email is no longer being used by some people, and that more and more people are looking to the Internet for their social media needs. Personally I use the Internet for my needs also. this includes using wikipedia, YouTube, and facebook. This revolution of social media will greatly help our ability to share thoughts, knowledge, and memories with other people through the Internet. I do not think that this use of social media is a "fad" but it will continue to evolve and become easier to access. One example of its evolution is how you can now go on facebook and YouTube through a cell phone.